Sunday, March 20, 2011

First Detect for 2011 - Sunday, March 20, 2011

Finally a break in the weather - no snow forecast so we decided to call Cousin Steve and see if we could go and detect his place.  He was busy cleaning and said to call back after 4pm.   Around lunch we decided to dash out to a local school and see what we could find.   Even though it was sunny, there was a cool breeze and without gloves we started to feel the chill.   We detected for approximately an hour and came up with $3.84 and a little cute earring.

We got home and decided to relax and warm up, but there was a phone message from Cousin Steve saying he was going out to detect and just to come on up.   We looked at each other and packed the car up and drove up.   Up on the escarpment it was c-c-c-cold.   We stood around and talked for a bit and then started detecting.  In the past, his property has paid out with lots of OLD goodies (See my other blog entries for more info).    However, this time, no luck, for all of us.  NOTHING, NOTTA, only scraps of metal.  Is it possible that we cleaned the place out over the past years?  SURELY there is something left down there.    We might have to try again sometime, but we might not have the chance as his house is up for sale (CRY). 

When we got home, I called my mom to tell her about our adventures.   She reminded me about her new neighbours that have a property for us to check out and said she had run into a person she knew from the past that had some property that was older and would be interested in letting us detect it so we could post our finds on our blog.  We're excited!!!   

Now, if our weather would start cooperating, we'll be able to get out more!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Steve Finds Some Goodies - 10-24-2010

We haven't really had time to go out metal detecting since the summer, but Cousin Steve did. He headed back to his parents house and found these goodies!!!!!!!!! We're so jealous as we were there before and didn't find anything like that. (SEE BLOG HERE). WAY TO GO STEVE!!!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Our Once of Year Hunt of the Swimming Hole 08-23-2010

Well, it was that time of year again to take a day off work and head for a familiar swimming hole which brought us a lot of luck in the past. Last year, not so much since it was a cold and rainy summer. This year looked promising as we had a lot of hot days, surely it would pay off.

We got there nice and early, not another soul around. We quickly got started and a spot which normally paid off for us revealed NOTHING. Strange. We kept going along and nothing........... oh oh, I think someone else has been here before us. Finally, a nice sound coming through the headphones. We found a broken pair of sunglasses, bummer.

We kept going, found a penny here, a penny there.

Disappointing. As Bob went into deeper water I tought I'd play in the shallower water with the pinpointer. It started going off, it revealed a funky old earring full of stones. Bob called me over to him in deep water I couldn't stand in. Since he is over 6 feet tall, I just would swim down and do my digging while hanging on to his leg. We make a good team. The one hole produced a lot of change - nice!!

It started to get cold and after 2 hours Bob had to bail. I wanted to go over our hunt zone again and glad I did. I found a beatiful steel cross with a stone the middle.

So our final count was:

1 Steel Cross
1 small key
2 earrings (one hoop and one with stones)
1 pair of broken sunglasses (not shown)
$4.98 in change